Read all about the newest developments related to taxes and accounting in Serbia.

Personal Income Tax

Taxpayers of the annual personal income tax are residents and non-residents who earned income in Serbia of more than 3,719,376 serbian dinars.

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Social contributions

Article 1 of the Law of the Republic of Serbia regulates contributions for mandatory social insurance, as well as contributors, bases, rates, method of calculation and payment, as well as other matters of importance for determining and paying contributions.

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The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Serbia

The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Serbia is applied to the supply of goods and services offered on the market, and to imported products, but there are also categories of goods that are exempt from such taxation.

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Carta Serbica

Carta Serbica is a program intended for individuals from Serbian diaspora who do not hold Serbian citizenship and are interested in living, working or retiring in Serbia.

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What is an eco-tax?

Protecting the environment is an important issue, especially in Serbia. This is a tax with a potentially positive environmental impact.

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